Best 250+ Free Ping Submission Sites List 2019 (Updated)

Free Ping Submission Sites List 2019: In case you are having a problem indexing your website or your post on significant search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo then using ping submission sites is the best solution.

You might ask, why ping submission sites?

Ping submission sites help your site by alerting google or some other big search engine on your website or some other new article on your website.

And when Google finds your site or new any new article on your website"pinged" it indexes it.

This is why ping submission sites are beneficial individuals who are having the problem in getting their website or post indexed to google.

Get over a hundred free ping submission sites list 2019 also use it to ping your website, posts, as well as backlinks.

You're able to use web directories submission websites, social bookmarking sites, search engine submission sites, and forum submitting websites to make backlinks.

Free Ping Submission Sites List

What is pinging and ping submission sites?

Pinging is a process which helps you in indexing your website, article, and backlinks to search engines, directories, New Websites, Aggregators and also Feed sites.

And ping submission sites will be the sites that help in doing this process of pinging.

And at almost no time, it will get indexed in search engines, directories, news sites, and nourish websites.

To ping your URL or submit an URL to such websites, you have to use completely free ping submission sites list, listed in this post.

All these free ping submission sites list can help you to get your URLs indexed very fast.

And so getting your site indexed on the significant search engines will eventually improve your traffic.

And that's why pinging tools are trendy nowadays.

The best way to make use of ping submission sites?

Utilizing ping submission sites to index your URLs is no rocket science.

It is a very straightforward and relatively simple process.

There's a"Simple 4 Step Process" for pinging your URLs to ping submission sites.

To start with, you've got to use this"Free Ping Submission Sites List 2019" to come across the ping submission sites.

Then you have to open these sites one by you.

There will be an input box where you have to go into the URL that you need to get indexed by search engines. Sometimes you need to enter website title too.

When you go into the URL, then you just must hit the submit button to be able to ping your site to search engines.

There's not any need to log into or to register on the ping submission sites.

And it is free also.

You'll be able to ping any URL which you wish to index onto some other ping submission sites in these easy four steps.

So you can ping your new site, the latest article, or any of your recently generated backlink which is not yet indexed by search engines.

And after it gets indexed your site will begin getting organic traffic from search engine results.

What Benefits you'll get with Free Ping Submission Sites?

Let me provide you with a stat.

A statistics say, over 60 percent of backlinks generated never gets indexed by search engines.

Yes, it says over"60%".

Which implies more than 60 percent of your link building efforts are wasted for no other reason.

And if you would like to conserve that 60% of your efforts of link building then you should think about pinging.

Another advantage of using these 100+ Free Ping Submission Sites 2019 are...

Ultra-fast indexing of your site, new articles and new backlinks on search engines and web directories.

Increase in Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP's) by obtaining quicker indexing.

Superb Visibility on search engines, because of increasing in SERP's Rankings.

Increase in organic traffic from search engines due to high SERP Outcomes

These are few benefits of using free ping submission sites list.

And the best part is most of those pinging websites are free.

Free Ping Submission Sites List 2019

The Way Pinging Can Help You On Your LinkBuilding Strategies.

The majority of the individuals only focus on creating backlinks in their link building campaigns.

And they leave the indexing task to Google or another search engine.

Which leads to gaining more than 60 percent of backlinks not getting indexed on google.

It occurs with the majority of the folks on the market.

But I don't want to let this happen to you personally.

All these free ping submission sites list will assist you as an"URL Indexing Tool" on your link building effort.

Note: We used all these free ping sites to submit our website about movie streaming sites, and throughout 1.5 weeks we saw immense growth in traffic. We found it amazing, that is why we shared this list with you.

So as soon as you are finished with creating backlinks on your post or site now, you can begin indexing your created backlink URLs one by you to these free ping submission sites.

And if you ping your recently created backlink URLs, it will get indexed quicker compared to others on the market.

When it has indexed quicker on internet search engines, then your post will begin ranking higher in comparison to all the competition.

This will eventually enable you to boost up your SERP rankings. And will improve your search engine visibility.

All of us know that high SERP rankings lead to more amount of organic traffic flowing to your site.


Ping submission sites are used for quite a while; it is not very powerful today. But also you can use these websites to maximize your indexing on search engine results.

This can help you enhance your SERP rankings which will eventually help you to acquire more organic visitors to your site.